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A couple of months of cupcakes

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I’ve been a bit lax in my postings as of late. There seems to be things to do outside of the internet. Like baking cupcakes! So I will put a couple of my cupcake baking sessions in one post. And … Continue reading


Lush Cupcakes

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For St. Patrick’s Day I made Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes and White Russian Cupcakes. As I’m not a professional baker, with all the tools and tricks that go along with that title, my cupcakes weren’t exactly magazine cover worthy. But … Continue reading



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Lately I’ve been drawing again. Mostly to make a friend smile when she’s at work. But I think it’s helping with the bit of creative drought I’ve had the last while.


Holiday Scarves

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The almost obsessive December scarf knitting started when I found this pattern. I had yarn in my stash—which was originally bought for another project—that fit the requirements in the pattern. As the original plan for the yarn had been lost … Continue reading


Christmas Plants

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These plants were made for my sister and for my Aunt & Uncle for this past Christmas. For my sister because she has a cat that may or may not try to eat living plants and for my Aunt & … Continue reading


Baby Bear

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After the crazy baby blanket knitting was done, there was another little one having a birthday. I figured a little bear would be a good birthday gift. And it would be a quick project. I used the pattern from here … Continue reading


Baby Blanket – Frogs!!

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I can finally talk about this project online!! It only took about 8 months to get it finished. This blanket was a group project with two other knitting friends for a mutual friend’s baby girl. The patterns we used for … Continue reading