Holiday Scarves

The almost obsessive December scarf knitting started when I found this pattern. I had yarn in my stash—which was originally bought for another project—that fit the requirements in the pattern. As the original plan for the yarn had been lost in time and space, I figured I could use the yarn to make a scarf. The first scarf I made followed the pattern pretty closely (dark red, seed stitch scarf, knit in the round; shown at top right). After I finished that one, I knew I had more yarn in my stash similar to what I had just used. So I made scarf #2. But instead of using the seed stitch from the pattern, I used a Knit1, Purl1 pattern. And I added stripes. Both scarves were easy to knit and required little brain power. Which meant I could be out visiting with family over the holidays and still keep my hands occupied and out of trouble.

I was out buying more yarn for the Christmas plant projects with Marieke, who had been admiring scarf #2, when I decided I would make her and my other friend Katelyn one of these scarves each. As Marieke was with me, she got to choose her scarf colours (and pretend to be surprised when I gave her the finished product). Katelyn had to have green in her scarf (it’s one of her favourite colours) but there wasn’t a huge selection of colours at the store that would match the light green we had picked out. We settled on an orange yarn that sort of went with the green. But when I got home and began working on Marieke’s scarf, I kept looking at the balls of yarn for Katelyn’s scarf and having a lot of doubt about the colour combo. I had leftover green from scarf #2 that would go with the light green I had bought for her a lot better than the orange. I finished up Marieke’s scarf and made the decision to go all green with Katelyn’s. The next problem I had was a small twist when I joined the yarn. (Joining the yarn allows one to make a scarf in one piece and not have a sewn seam.) This fun and exciting kind of mistake makes a Möbius strip. Which may work out well for this kind of scarf. I’ll probably put it down as a happy accident. Possibly repeating the “mistake” in another scarf for myself.

Overall, I think these scarves turned out alright. I may have to play around with more pattern variations in the future. And find another hanger in the closet for my scarves.


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