Books: From the end of April to the end of September

This is the book list for the last couple of months. Some were consumed in a day, while others had to be put down for a bit before being finished. Either because they came to a point in the story that I had to take a break from or another newer, shinier book came into my life. Which seems to happen a lot.

New non-fiction: Death from the Skies! by Philip Plait Ph.D., If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell.

Hounded – Kevin Hearne: Well paced, with a bit of foreshadowing for the second book in the series, Hexed, sprinkled throughout the book. The main character, Atticus O’Sullivan, doesn’t act like a 2100 year old. More like a 30 year old. Which kind of makes me forget that he’s been around for a while and knows a lot about everything. This book is for anyone who likes a bit of history/mythology with their fantasy stories.

Ain’t Myth Behaving – Katie MacAlister: Two really quick reads. Again, a slight dash of mythology with the romantic plot lines. The first story, Stag Party, was written entirely from the point of view of Dane Hearne. I haven’t read too many of this genre of book where it was only the guy’s perspective. Though, he was rather flighty like some of the women characters in other fluffy, girly books. The second story, Norse Truly, was typical of the genre; girl meets boy, they fall in love at more or less first sight, there’s a small problem that leads to an adventure and they live happily ever after. Easy reading for between the brain-heavy novels.

Letting Loose, Catching Kelly, Carried Away – Sue Civil-Brown: I really like this author (if that wasn’t obvious). Awesome characters (especially Ms. Mary Todd), far off places (Florida is far from Winnipeg!), and smothered with romance. What more could a girl ask for?

After I Dream, When I Wake – Rachel Lee: The same author as above (Sue Civil-Brown) but a little less upbeat-sunshine-filled plots. More mystery and action with the romance.

The Surgeon – Tess Gerritsen: A very good book. A bit descriptive in places (blood and guts) but not too much that I had to skip pages or set the book down completely. (But one part made me a little lightheaded. Probably why I’m not a surgeon.) The twists kept me guessing who the killer was until the end. Which is always a nice thing for a book to do.

Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs: I was not happy how this book ended. Well, the part about “Tim bits” was good. But I did not like how Mercy was hurt. The who-done-it part of the book was good as well as all the rest of the plot turns, but that ending was not expected. Nope, didn’t like that ending.

Bone Crossed – Patricia Briggs:  Another book in this series that was quite good. Difficult to put down because of the fast pace of the story. I’m glad the ending of Iron Kissed didn’t affect the plot in this book too much. I don’t know if I could have enjoyed it as much if that was all the book was about. Yes, that ending happened but the characters are working through that problem. I’m hoping that Silver Borne doesn’t have unfortunate plot twists and I will enjoy it more than these last two.

Casino Royale – Ian Flemming: I enjoyed this book more than I enjoyed the movies. There was action but it wasn’t shiny Hollywood action. And the ending (with James Bond credit music floating in as the last page turns)
makes for diving into the next one easy. That, and having an Ian Flemming box set.

The Help – Kathryn Stockett: Everybody should read this book. The movie is good but the book is 100 times better. It’s full of characters that become so real that it’s hard to believe how they are treated in various parts of the book. I wanted to smack some of those people and ask them what they were thinking.

The Native Sar – M. K. Hobson: An impulse buy at the bookstore because I picked up the second book in the series and read the back of it. A good impulse buy though. Slightly western, slightly magic based fantasy, slightly steampunk. But I seem to be finding books that have horrible physical things happen to the main character. Maybe I should start reading the last chapter before I buy books……..

Under Wraps – Hannah Jayne: An interesting paranormal mystery. With an ending that leaves us hanging, waiting for the next book. I did get confused  a bit because one of the characters changes his name a couple of times. I had to go back and check to see who was being talked about every so often. The main character is quite sharp and she gets some zingers in here and there. It’s nice to have a book make you laugh out loud and make everyone around wonder what you’re reading.

Sizzle and Burn – Alexis Grant: A small dash of mystery with your romance? That’s what you’ll get with this book. Have all day to read? Start and finish this book then. A light and fluffy, easy read.

Under the Dragon’s Tail – Maureen Jennings: The second book in the Detective Murdock  series. And another one that I watched the movie then read the book. The movie had a slightly different ending but both the book and the movie were good. I’ve got one more book in the series to go before I get to one that doesn’t have a movie made. Yay!

Carved in Bone – Jefferson Bass: I found this series when I was looking through Chapters’ online store. I think they were also on sale, something I find hard to pass up. The general idea of the book is similar to Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan series, in that they are both teachers at Universities and both help the local police with investigations. Compared to Déjà Dead, Carved in Bone‘s pace was a lot quicker. It didn’t seem to wander too far off the story path.

Rat Catcher – Andy Diggle: A cops vs. bad guys graphic novel. With bad guys turning out to be good guys and good guys turning out to be bad guys. Probably one of those books I’ll reread a couple of times. For the art, for the story and back again.

Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, Volume 1 – Patricia Briggs, David Lawrence, Amelia Woo: It seems I’m getting a bit pickier about the drawing styles in the graphic novels I read. I didn’t notice the awkwardness of character’s poses in the first graphic novel in this series, Mercy Thompson: Homecoming. But I think with that one I was more into the story than the art; it’s a prequel to the Mercy Thompson series that I don’t think is available as a stand alone novel/short story in an anthology. Or I haven’t found the right anthology yet. Volume 1 of Moon Called is based on part of the first novel in the Mercy Thompson series of the same name. The art in this book becomes distracting because of how the characters are drawn in certain poses—hands and arms at weird angles in relation to the body, facial expressions that look like they were drawn without thought. As much as I really enjoy this series, I would have to say pass on this graphic novel. Read the book without pictures.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures, Volume 1 – Laurell K. Hamilton: I found this one in a second hand bookstore. Of course, I didn’t really read the cover in the store and if I had I would have realized that I would also need the SECOND volume to actually finish the story. Which wasn’t on the stand where I found this one. So I only have half the story. But I kind of remember what happens because I’ve listened to the whole audiobook of Guilty Pleasures. I know, I know, I should be reading new and exciting books and not rereading books that I’ve listened to while I was working. I figure I’ve probably missed parts of the audio version BECAUSE I was working, so rereading the book in ink and paper format should fill in those bits. And if I can get a book with pictures in it, all the better. The art in this graphic novel is a lot better than the art in the Mercy Thompson one above. Though, I did find all the scars on the characters a bit distracting. There was so many of them in a lot of the frames. But I guess if the characters have them in the novels, then they need them in the graphic versions. Overall, read this one over the Mercy Thompson graphic novel. The art is a lot better.

Die Trying – Lee Child: I finally finished this book!! I had set this one down a while back (probably close to a year, maybe longer) to start another book that I was more in the mood for (probably something really light and fluffy and incredibly girly). The part that I had put this book down at was the part where Jack Reacher was stuck in the wall of the cave. Which, of course, was where the action picks up from a leisurely run to an all out rocket-pack-dash to the finish line. I now have to start Tripwire to find out where Reacher ends up next!


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