Some scarves I’ve made for myself.

I think this was either my fourth or fifth project after I learned how to knit. This long gray scarf was a “just a couple more rows” scarf. But it’s nice to have a lot of scarf for the really cold winter days. It measures about 4 meters long, including the fringe. I didn’t use a specific pattern from a site or a book, just knit2, purl2 ribbing with really long fringe.

This brown lace scarf is also very nice for cold days. The yarn I used is quite thick. I would have liked to have made it longer but I only bought 6 skeins instead of 8. The lace pattern wasn’t difficult to knit but I did have some problems remembering how many repeats I had to make before I changed to the next part of the pattern.

An attempt at crochet. Happily, this project worked out. Several other crochet projects have not (which are currently waiting to be ripped out and started anew). Again, more yarn should have been bought so the scarf part of the project could have been longer (I think there’s a scarf length pattern developing here) because this one doesn’t go around my neck well. There are coverage gaps which are not good when the wind starts blowing.


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